Organic plant-rich essential oil & herbal blend products are delivered right to your doorstep.

We believe in transparency. We also believe in bringing the best, the most responsibly sourced ingredients into our products. If we would not use them then why should you?

apothemie is the definition of the place you can find your herbal needs to care for you and your family. Made up of apotheca and mie you are sure to see why it is named as such. As mothers, fathers, caregivers, humans, we need solutions of a natural base in such trying times to support homeostasis and to have for prevention. Our body deserves self caring and we can achieve that in many ways. This is not of course the only way but a portion thereof. Remember to breathe and center yourself. To walk that little extra bit in the parking lot. These are part of the little things that make a difference. Love yourself today!